Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services

Our Asset Management Services aka rental management services are designed to look after your best interests by managing your asset efficiently, and safely.

These services include managing and maintaining real estate, engineering services, energy & water management, transportation, statutory compliance, environmental systems, health, safety, and security services. In addition to the above, we provide security and housekeeping services, booking and reservations, etc. We also provide equipment maintenance services, fire protection, landscaping, and pest control services.

Our Rental Management service is designed to maximize your profits without any hassle. What that would include is the management of bookings, management of listings, guest screening, guest communication, guest experience, timely payments, and guest support. All aspects of our rental management services including lead generation & conversion are handled by our own in-house staff of competent professionals.

You will experience superior and more sophisticated standards of service, while you enjoy greater returns and a stress-free ownership experience of your villa(s) or apartment(s).

Our range of asset management services includes:

A range of asset management services


  • Enhancing capital values
  • Generating better revenue
  • Cost optimization
  • Managing vendors
  • Legal and statutory processes and systems
  • Dedicated team and regular reporting


  • Selection & empanelment of vendors
  • Cost and contract negotiations, execution, and review
  • Design/works negotiations and execution management
  • Compliance of vendor processes with statutory norms


  • Risk analysis, mitigation, and management
  • Infrastructure refurbishments and extensions
  • Negotiation of surrenders and reconfiguration of space
  • Regular tracking, timely maintenance, and execution
  • Sourcing of multiple vendor quotes and price negotiations
  • Appointment of consultants, professional teams, or contractors


  • Preparation of leasing plans and designing of trading mix
  • Designing promotional collateral
  • Execution of vacant positioning strategies
  • Tailored marketing and promotional strategies - leasing and retail initiatives