ABOUT Acasa, Corgao

Often translated to ‘at home’, this word describes a feeling of belonging in addition to a physical place of resting. Acasa is the place where you feel comfortable, where you have family. It’s a place where you are happy and where you feel you belong. This word is often used to refer to home – a place filled with memories and emotions.

Acasa Project Concept – A Balinese inspired architectural design; we want to highlight the symbolic elements of Balinese into project brochure.


  • Our custom-built Bali style homesare designed to take full advantageof the lush, tropical setting.
  • This integral theme ofBalinese architecture blendsharmoniously with contemporaryliving requirements.
  • The property consists of a centrally located Bali inspired aquatic lotus pond and a central community swimming pool and a meditation pavilion with sun loungers.
  • Each Acasa villa features a private swimming pool and a Bali styled hut
  • The landscaping has Balinese gardensthat have a relaxed, resort-like feel that’s all about relaxation. This garden style is defined by lush greenery, leafy foliage, multi-layered planting and pops of bright colours through plants such as bird of paradise.
  • Floor and wall surfaces are dark and dramatic – think black, slip-resistant concrete pavers for flooring, and dark, natural stone for walls.
  • Also dark timber furniture
  • Interesting textural contrasts are key to the AcasaBalinese garden look. Created by mixing different palms, a variety of luscious greens, and differing surfaces such as lawn, hard pavers, and textured and smooth stones.

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